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Second Quarter 2014 Revisions Show Greater Job Growth

With 1,200 more jobs than originally estimated, through June, RI-based jobs are up 6,600 since start of 2014

October 23, 2014

The RI Department of Labor and Training’s most recent analysis of second quarter 2014 tax data indicates that Rhode Island job growth is greater than originally estimated, with 1,200 more jobs than first reported for the quarter ending June 2014.

Based on the tax data review, the private sector employment level will be revised up 800 and the public sector employment level will be revised up 400. This brings the total number of Rhode Island-based jobs for June 2014 to 477,800.

The estimates derived from tax data show that over the year, Rhode Island gained 5,400 jobs between June 2013 and June 2014. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates released earlier this year showed a job gain of 4,200 jobs for this 12-month period.

The revised estimates also show that the state gained 6,600 jobs over the first six months of 2014. Carrying the DLT estimates forward through September, the data show that Rhode Island jobs are up 8,900 since the start of 2014. This is the largest increase in jobs over the first nine months of the year since at least 1990, when DLT began keeping this measurement.

“My administration’s consistent investment in education, infrastructure and workforce development is to create the environment for Rhode Island companies to grow and hire more workers,” said Governor Lincoln D. Chafee. “Federal statistics show that Rhode Island is off to its best start since 1984. These quarterly job revisions further demonstrate that trend.”

“Rhode Island’s economy continues to improve and grow jobs. That’s good news,” said DLT Director Charles J. Fogarty. “2014 is shaping up to be a solid year for job growth and since January of 2011, jobs are up by more than 20,000.”

Between August 2009 (the end of the recession in Rhode Island) and June 2014, DLT estimates indicate that a total of 21,900 jobs have been added to the RI economy, accounting for 55.0 percent of the total 39,800 jobs lost and 63.4 percent of the total 36,300 private sector jobs lost during the recession. These employment gains have been distributed nearly evenly among high-wage, mid-wage and low-wage sectors.

Between August 2009 and June 2014, 11 private employment sectors added employment totaling 24,300; two private sectors lost employment totaling 1,300; and two sectors’ employment levels remain even. The net private sector job gain during the recovery period is 23,000.

Of the 24,300 jobs added between August 2009 and June 2014:

  • 8,300 or 34.2 percent of the jobs were from low-wage paying sectors
  • 8,100 or 33.3 percent of the jobs were from middle-wage paying sectors
  • 7,900 or 32.5 percent of the jobs were from high-wage paying sectors

Among the 1,300 jobs lost between August 2009 and June 2014:

  • 85 percent or 1,100 jobs were lost in high-wage paying sectors
  • 15 percent or 200 jobs were lost in middle-wage paying sectors
  • The low-wage paying sector reported zero jobs lost during this period.


Sectors with upward revisions:  
Other Services               + 1,000
Private Educational Services +    900
Accommodation & Food Services +    600
Wholesale Trade   +    200
Information Services    +    100
Sectors with downward revisions:  
Arts, Entertainment & Recreation -   500
Manufacturing -   300
Professional & Business Services -   300
Retail Trade    -   200
Transportation & Utilities -   200
Construction -   200|
Financial Activities -   200
Health Care & Social Assistance -   100
Sector with upward revision:  
Local Government    +    400
No Change:  
Federal Government  
State Government  


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