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TDI / TCI Benefits for Veterans


The definition of a base period has been expanded as it pertains to members of the United States military service, the Rhode Island National Guard or a United States military reserve force who served in a United States declared combat operation during their military service.

Any such individual who files a claim for Temporary Disability Insurance benefits upon his/her release from active military service and is determined to be monetarily ineligible for benefits under the base period or alternate base period as defined in the TDI Act, will have his/her claim determined using one of the following base periods:

  • The first 4 of the most recently completed 5 calendar quarters immediately preceding the first day the individual was called into state or federal active military service.

  • If the individual is monetarily ineligible using the above base period, the claim will be re-determined using the last 4 completed calendar quarters immediately preceding the first day the individual was called into state or federal active military service.

  • Neither above base period can include any calendar quarter of wages that has previously been used to establish a valid claim for benefits.

Whenever either of the above base periods is used to calculate the TDI claim for a combat veteran, the customer will provide a copy of the DD214 (release from active duty) or other documentation to verify service in combat duty. The following rules will apply when an individual who is receiving Temporary Disability Insurance benefits is required to participate in training activities because of his or her membership in the National Guard or any of the armed services reserve forces.

  • An individual who participates in drill nights, weekend drills or drill periods lasting less than one day will be allowed to continue.

  • An individual who participates in a two week training period will not be allowed to receive TDI benefits during this time period. These individuals are to be instructed to refile their TDI claims, if they are still disabled at the conclusion of their military training.

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