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Frequent Questions

Frequently Asked Questionsabout the President's Training Initiative En Espanol

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Pell Grant Training Info

1. What is a Pell Grant and what is FAFSA?
A Pell Grant is a form of federal financial aid based on financial need. In order to apply for a Pell Grant, you must be enrolled at least half-time in an education or training program. Need is based on expected family income, cost of attendance and other factors listed in the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form. FAFSA is a free form that you may complete online at www.fafsa.ed.gov; alternately, you may request a paper copy by calling the Federal Student Aid Center at 1-800-433-3243. This initiative directs college and university financial aid officers to use their “professional judgment” to possibly adjust your financial aid package. NOTE: Be sure to adhere to all application deadlines.
2. Why should I pursue education and training?
As the economy recovers and new jobs are created, having an improved skill set can help you compete more successfully for good paying jobs that are in high demand. Lifelong learning becomes increasingly important in the labor market of today and in the future, as the skills needed to compete in the contemporary labor markets continue to change and expand.
3. Can I collect unemployment benefits while attending training?
State and federal laws require you to be able to work, to accept work and to be actively seeking work for each week that you receive unemployment benefits. To waive the work search requirements and to continue collecting unemployment benefits while you are enrolled in training or a college-degree program, you must be enrolled in training approved by the Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training’s Unemployment Insurance Division or in specific programs offered within a netWORKri Career Center.
4. How is approval obtained?
In order to obtain the work search waiver, you may download a DLT-487 form “Report on Vocational Training or Adult Basic Education Course” from the website www.dlt.ri.gov and fax it to 401-462-8413 or mail it to:

       RI Department of Labor and Training Education and Training Initiative
       PO Box 8890, Cranston, RI 02920-0890

If you have any questions about the process, please contact an Unemployment Claims Representative at 401-462-8980. If you wish your work requirement to be waived and your unemployment insurance benefits to continue while you are participating in training, it is important that you determine whether the training you wish to take is approved BEFORE you actually enroll.
5. What if my Pell grant does not cover the cost of the training I wish to pursue?
If your anticipated Pell grant award does not cover the cost of tuition, you may visit any netWORKri Career Center to sign up for an orientation to help you determine if you are eligible for short-term training and additional financial assistance. If you are already enrolled in a training program arranged through a netWORKri Career Center, be sure to connect with your counselor who will provide the Unemployment Insurance Service Center with your approved training verification so the department can address your request to have the work search requirements waived. To learn where the netWORKri offices are located visit www.networkri.org.
6. How long will I have to wait for my decision after I submit the necessary DLT-487 form?
Your submitted DLT-487 will be reviewed for consideration by the Unemployment Insurance Division. You will be notified of the determination within 10 business days of receipt. If you have questions regarding your DLT-487, you may contact the Unemployment Insurance Service Center’s Pell Help line at 401-462-8980 or email DLT.pellhelp@dlt.ri.gov. (Both the Pell Help phone line and email address are intended for questions related to training program eligibility only; questions about unemployment insurance programs or claims should be directed to 401-243-9100 or click here.)
7. If it takes longer than expected to finish my education or training, can I continue receiving unemployment benefits until my training is complete?
Possibly. There are a number of state and federal unemployment benefits programs through which a person might receive benefits. Depending on the circumstances surrounding your job loss and the length of time you have been receiving unemployment benefits, you may be eligible for one or more additional programs. To learn more about the different benefits programs, visit the Rhode Island’s unemployment insurance website at www.dlt.ri.gov\ui or contact an unemployment claims representative at 401-243-9100 or toll free at 1-866-557-0001.

DISCLAIMER: FAQ's are presented for informational purposes only. They do not carry the full force and effect of the law.

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