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Information for Medical Providers


Medical providers who treat patients injured at work need to know the following information about their responsibilities on Workers' Compensation cases.

Medical Fee Schedule
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Medical Forms:

1. Notification of Claim of Compensable Injury DWC-29

This form needs to be submitted to the insurer within 3 days of initial visit with a copy for the employee and the attorney.

2. Physician's Notice of Release to Work DWC-27/28

This form needs to be submitted to the insurer within 3 days of release to work with a copy for the employee and the attorney.

3. Request for Additional Palliative Care DWC-40

For additional workers' compensation medical forms, visit the Medical Advisory Board.

If you have questions or comments about medical forms, please contact the Education Unit at (401) 462-8100 or email

Frequently Asked Questions:
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1. Can the injured employee choose his/her own doctor?
An injured employee has the freedom of choice to obtain health care, diagnosis and treatment from any qualified health care provider initially.

The first visit to a facility providing emergency care or to a physician or medical facility under contract or agreement with the employer or the insurer providing priority care shall not constitute the initial choice. However, if he/she returns for evaluation or treatment, the insurer may consider that provider to be the health care provider of record.

2. Can the injured employee change medical providers?
If the insurer or self-insured employer has a Preferred Provider Network (PPN) approved by the Medical Advisory Board, any change from the initial health care provider of record shall only be to a provider listed in the PPN. If the employee seeks to change to a provider not listed, or if no PPN exists, approval of the insurer or self-insured employer is required.

3. Can the treating physician refer the employee for a second opinion or treatment?
The health care provider of record may, without prior approval, refer the employee to any qualified specialist for independent consultation or assessment, or for specified treatment.

4. Is permission required for major surgery?
Yes, the doctor must submit the request for permission for surgery from the Court, the employer or the insurance carrier, except where compliance with it may prove fatal or detrimental. No fee for major surgery shall be paid unless permission for it is first obtained.

5. Are items such as eye glasses or dentures covered?
All medical, optical, dental and surgical appliances required to cure or relieve the employee from the effects of the injury, include but are not limited to: ambulance and nursing services, eyeglasses, dentures, braces and supports, artificial limbs, crutches, and other similar appliances are covered. The employer is not liable to pay for or provide hearing aids or other amplification devices.

6. Will the Workers’ Compensation Division confirm that an injury has been reported?
No, claim records are not public information. Insurance coverage is public; if you are unable to identify the insurer, please contact Workers' Comp. at (401) 462-8100 or click here to find coverage.

7. What is the medical providers obligation to an employer who requests that bills and reports be sent to them?
Rhode Island General Law 28-33-8 requires that the health care provider provide reports, forms and bills to the insurer or self-insured employer. Any agreement reached with an employer does not dismiss your statutory obligations.

Frequent questions are not intended to be a full and complete description of law and are not a substitute for legal advice.

What Medical Providers should know about Workers' Comp. Brochure
What Medical Providers should know about Workers' Comp brochure


The Medical Advisory Board (MAB) adopts and reviews protocols of treatment for work-related injuries and provides notice of impartial medical exams required at 26 and 39 weeks of incapacity. The MAB also records complaints against and is authorized to disqualify medical care providers.

Medical Advisory Board
One Dorrance Plaza
Providence, RI 02903
(401) 458-3460
John F. McBurney, Administrator











































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